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Summary and Overview

Over twenty years experience as DataFlex computer programmer with multiple versions on multiple platforms.  Possess extensive business administration and accounting background.  Seeking position which utilizes training and skills relating to computer software design, development and deployment

My background includes a wide spectrum of software development. In 1985, I started by creating a fairly basic inventory system in procedural DataFlex. I used this software system to track and analyze commercial packaged software which I sold by mail order and through trade shows. The software package grew to a full accounting system which included receiveables, payables, billing, purchasing and all the other modules necessary to run a small business.

My endeavors were successful and business grew to such that I opened the first computer retail store in Sonoma, California. And that business grew to include ten full-time employees. This left me with little time to work on my software projects being I spent the majority of time managing my store.

I sold the store and the associated businesses which left me with enough money to continue development for two years without having to worry about an income. Two years past and the commercially available software products changed enough that I couldn't compete with products that anyone could buy off the shelf.

That led to changing modifying my business goals and to pursue customers needing customize software. This worked well now that I had a solid and proven accounting package which I could easily modify to fit just about any business which had an inventory.

Contracting to create customized software requires two skills which I didn't have when I first started, time estimations and defining precise product requirements. After a year of working nearly 100 hours a week, I found I was making less than minimum wage.

This is when I decided working for myself was not always the most lucertive method of making money. I accepted a programming position with a software developer in Jacksonville, Florida.


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