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I've thrown this in to let anyone interested that I travel easily. Several of my contract positions required extensive traveling where I've been on the road as long as six weeks.


My wife, Paula, and I love to travel. Whether a short trip to the Bahamas or an extended four week Caribbean vacation, we always have a good time. We plan them well but not to the point where they're inflexible. Paula brings the literary and credit cards, and I bring the maps and passports.

June 2005

NEW ORLEANS: Originally planned as an extended weekend to attend a wedding, we stretched it a bit more to include a full week ... giving us a chance to explore the Bijou villages in southern Louisiana. We were fortunate because a few months later Hurricane Katrina stuck.

April 2002

BAHAMAS: This was a 'reward' vacation for finishing a project before schedule. Six of us jumped on an island ferry for a 4-day weekend. Paula and I took advantage of the scuba diving operations at Paradise Island before joining our friends in the afternoon for lunch.

March 2002

SABA: With the need to use up three weeks of vacation time before losing it and being we enjoyed the island so much on our first visit several months earlier, we returned to celebrate my wife's birthday ... in style. The motto of the island is The Unspoiled Queen. Paula's birthday motto was The Spoiled Queen. It was almost like we had never left. The locals treated us well, going out of their way to make every outing a pleasure.

November 2002

ST. MARTIN, ANQUILLA & SABA: This was our first visit to the Northern Antilles. We spend our first two days on St. Martin/St. Maaten exploring both the Dutch and the French sides of the island. It was a little too busy for us and being neither of us gamble, it left little to do besides enjoy the many cuisines. Obviously this place has no fear of calories.

On Saba, our lodging consisted of a small cottage halfway up the side of a very steep hill. For three weeks we spent nearly every morning scuba diving around the island. Every afternoon and evening was another adventure with food. We soon knew a good number of the island's residents and we were invited to private parties and into their homes. It was difficult to leave this island.

Anguilla is split between the Haves and the Have-Notes. We rented a house and car for the three day stay. The British tax system made everything way too expensive and none of it seemed to trickle back to the majority of the habitants. We're sorry we didn't spent these three days on Saba.

February 2000

COZUMEL: Our honeymoon started with a week of touring the Yucatan Peninsula in a rented jeep, visiting Mayan ruins and scuba diving in the cenotes. The remaining three weeks were spent on Cozumel eating, diving and visiting friends living on the island.

I had spent four months on the island in 1997 working on my Divemaster certification and was familiar with both the people and attractions of the island. I also have friends which have built vacation homes on the island. These are very good friends to know ... especially when their homes are available and they're stuck back in the USA working.

We rented a house built away from the tourist area of San Miquel. Friends on the island loaned us a pair of bicycles for transportation. Other than renting a car for a day to visit the other side of the island, we probably put 10 to 20 miles on the bikes every day.

Although there's a variety of different restaurants, we commonly made our daily main meal in one of the little cantinas set-back and away from the tourist areas. During the afternoons you could eat free as long as you continued to buy cervezas. We ate a lot of food and drank a lot of beer. (Have you ever had Chinese food served with tortillas?)

The ferry ride back to Play del Carmen was sad. Paula had grown to love Cozumel and she cried as the island grew smaller in the distance. We're looking forward to the day we can go back to visit our friends.


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